Pierce Pipe Organs are organ builders working in Brisbane, Australia. We build new organs and have restored many important instruments in Queensland.
We provide tuning, service and maintenance for over 120 pipe organs throughout Queensland and New South Wales.
We belong to the philosophy that we should make as much as possible of any organ we call our own. We make all our soundboards and pipework in our own workshop.

Because of this, we have a team of local craftsmen carrying on this very old tradition.

For a quick update of our recent activities, see our FaceBook page. Links to work on various projects can be found here.

Our own Bruce Lang writes a very good summary of Introductory Organ Playing. Not only does he demystify some of the player techniques, but there is a useful discussion of the art of combining the different stops.

Also added in ‘Ethos’ is the 1953 William Pierce Thesis on Historic Organs of New South Wales 1850-1900.

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