This instrument was designed and built in our Brisbane workshop in 1996 for Dr. Peter Roennfeldt. The City of Brisbane did not have a satisfactory chamber organ that was available for concert work. At various times many musicians in Queensland have required a portable chamber organ which would adequately perform in a variety of roles. The organ is designed to be used in situations and venues where, until now, such an instrument had not been readily available. Furthermore, the use of the large organ already installed in certain buildings may be precluded by the nature of the occasion, or the repertoire being performed.

This organ fulfils that need. It is compact, portable and as lightweight as possible. The keyboard, side pipes and blower are detachable. The pipework scaling is sufficiently large as to provide a firm tonal foundation for choirs of up to 20 voices as well as continuo work. The keyboard is transposable, allowing for the accompaniment of authentic Early Music instruments.

The instrument has performed successfully in venues ranging from the Pierce workshop to the Concert Hall of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex.

This organ was subsequently donated to Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University where it used for institutional activities and occasional external hires.


8'     Stopt Diapason
4'     Rohrflute
2'     Gemshorn
1 1/3' Quint