This charming organ was built in c. 1903 by B. B. Whitehouse & Co. It has mechanical action using backfalls. The church is a fine brick building two blocks from the Gabba cricket ground. The two manuals are on a common slider soundboard. The 4′ Principal and 2′ Piccolo were ‘prepared for’ with the stop knobs and footholes drilled. In 1953 Whitehouse had overhauled the organ.

By 1989, the

organ was in in a very dirty and worn state. The action was noisy and the pedals were unreliable. The bellows had been cut-down to single-rise. The Church decided to restore the organ and Simon Pierce was awarded the contract. The bellows were recovered as double-rise. The Principal and Piccolo pipework was made and installed. As well as totally refurbishing the action and cleaning the pipework, the showfront pipes were re-stencilled to the the original designs.

This organ is a fine example of a small mechanical-action organ with plenty of character and a bright and full chorus.


8′    Open Diapason
8′    Clarabella
8′    Dulciana
4′    Principal
4′    Wald Flute
2′    Piccolo


8′    Open Diapason
8′    Lieblich Gedackt
8′    Salicional
8′    Voix Celeste
4′    Gemshorn
8′    Oboe

Swell Octave

16′   Bourdon
Mechanical action and couplers Compass 58/30