This organ was built by George Benson for the home of James Lord, who was organist at Wesley Methodist Church, Brisbane.  At the same time, Benson also built the large 3-manual instument for that church.  After the death of Lord’s wife and only son in the sinking of the S.S. Quetta, the house organ was offered for sale and installed in its present site some time in 1890.

The organ was restored by Simon in 1989. It was in a very tired state. It used to cypher with any change of weather and the the tuning was erratic. It required a simple and careful restoration. The result brought the organ alive again. This is a delightful organ whose small belies the volume and tone that it produces. The specification is versatile and the action responsive.

GREAT                                 PEDAL

8′    Open Diapason               16′    Bourdon
8′    Salicional
4′    Principal                         Swell to Great
4′    Wald Flute                     Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

8′    Open Diapason
8′    Lieblich Gedact
4′    Gemshorn
8′    Oboe