Although the Norwich firm of Norman and Beard was founded in 1868, their first Australian order was not delivered until 1894. The installation of the organ in Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Newcastle, sparked a spate of orders throughout Australasia; nevertheless, only St. Luke’s in Toowoomba, and St. John’s Anglican Cathedral remain as Queensland examples.

In 1907, the organ was delivered to local builders Whitehouse Bros. for installation in the unfinished St. Luke’s church within the first bay of the Nave pillars, where it remained until the extension of the Sanctuary and Transepts.  It was then sited on a platform above the Choir, at which time (in 1960) the action was electrified and opportunity taken to provide extra pedal stops by extension (Acoustic Bass and Quint.)

The rebuild by WJ Simon Pierce in 1995 included replacement of all worn parts, resealing of all windchests and ducting, as well as the relocation of the errant Pedal pipes which had been placed behind the Sanctuary arch.

The Trumpet stop was given by the late Dora Jackson, a longtime resident of Toowoomba.

GREAT                                         PEDAL

8′    Open Diapason No.1              32′    Acoustic Bass
8′    Open Diapason No.2              16′    Open Wood
8′    Clarabella                              16′    Bourdon
8′    Dulciana                                   8′    Principal
4′    Principal                                   8′    Bass Flute
4′    Harmonic Flute
8′    Trumpet                               Tremulant
8′    Clarinet

16′    Bourdon                            Great to Pedal
8′    Geigen Diapason                 Swell to Great
8′    Lieblich Gedact                   Swell Sub
8′    Salicional                            Swell Unison Off
8′    Voix Celeste                       Swell Super
4′    Gemshorn                           Swell Super to Great
III   Mixture                               Swell Sub to Great
8′    Cornopean                         Great Super
8′    Oboe
3 thumb pistons for each manual, as well as a General Cancel and a Full Organ (this latter also available from a toe piston).
Reversible toe pistons for Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal and Swell to Great couplers.