Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)
December 14, 2010
Brisbane City Hall
December 14, 2010

Ann Street Presbyterian Church, Brisbane

This historic church has undergone extensive renovation in recent years. After a long period of virtual silence the pipe organ is also undergoing restoration..

The pipework and soundboards of the 1903 Charles Richardson instrument are now fully restored and playing. The console has also been restored. The old-style trigger Swell box mechanism has been remade as well as the Tremulant. These had been dismantled in 1980 and many of the parts had been lost. We have used what parts remained and clues in the organ to rebuild them. The action has settled in well and is now very responsive. The sound is simply superb and it is a delight to hear this fine old organ again. The keys have been recovered with ivory resin and pinned as per the original tropical specification. The Pedals and casework are to be restored in the near future and already the pedalboard is back in position..



8′     Open Diapason

8′     Hohlflute

8′     Dulciana

4′     Principal

4′     Flute

2′     Flautina


16′    Bourdon

8′     Open Diapason

8′     Lieblich Gedact

8′     Salicional

8′     Vox Angelica

4′     Gemshorn

2′     Piccolo

8′     Cornopean

8′     Oboe


16′    Open Diapason

16′    Bourdon

Couplers:      Swell to Great;  Great to Pedal; Swell to Ped; Swell Super; Swell Sub

Compass:  2 manuals of 58 notes each,   CC – aaa

Pedalboard of 30 notes

Action: Pneumatic action.

Swell mechanism: Horizontalshades, trigger action.

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