News: St Andrew’s Anglican Church South Brisbane
December 12, 2010
Mayne Hall, The University of Queensland, St Lucia
December 14, 2010

News: First Church of Christ Scientist in Brisbane

We have carried out maintenance work on the 1940 Whitehouse 3-manual organ in the First Church of Christ Scientist in Brisbane. The original Great and Swell action magnets were replaced after 70 years of service. The original cotton-covered wiring was also

replaced with P.V.C. covered wiring. When the cotton and varnish decays on this old wiring it can start to play two or three notes depending on how it feels.  The PVC wiring will last for far longer.   The Great and Swell bellows were releathered and the pneumatic pedal chests and action was electrified.  This organ is now working far more reliably and quietly.

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