News: St Peter’s Anglican Church, Southport
December 9, 2010
News: St Andrew’s Anglican Church South Brisbane
December 12, 2010

News: Peace Lutheran Church, Gatton

The Great soundboard of the 1978 Walter Emerson organ in Peace  Lutheran Church, Gatton has been overhauled and the pipework cleaned.  It is always remarkable how maintenance on an organ vastly improves the sound.  This is because the pipes receive the proper amount of wind at the right time.  Just like a human choir if the attack is ragged and uncoordinated then the music is feeble and loses its beauty.

When all the pipes play at the same time with a full breath the sound and tone is so much better.  Good organ action always improves the sound of the pipes. This organ is a good example of Emerson’s work and interesting baroque specification.  This work has now allowed the Great pipes to speak to their optimum and this organ is now a pleasure to play.

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