News: Peace Lutheran Church, Gatton
December 10, 2010

News: St Peter’s Anglican Church, Southport

The organ in St Peter’s Anglican Church, Southport is now sounding spectacularly improved after recent maintenance and revoicing.  This organ has had a varied history with a major rebuilt by Walter Emerson in 1976.  Whilst only a small organ with 9 speaking stops it was not adequate for the building.  This was surprising as it had a complete principal chorus with a mixture. Just because an organ is small, does not mean that it can fill the building adequately if it projects properly.

This was our task.   New polypel puffers were installed throughout the organ and a new larger blower fitted. The pipework was cleaned and revoiced at the new wind pressure of 4″.  With careful revoicing the sound is not forced but blooms in the body of the church. When it was first played after the revoicing the whole congregation noticed the difference.  This organ now has a power and beauty that it did not have before.

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