St. John’s Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane
December 17, 2010
St Stephen’s chapel, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane
December 17, 2010

St Stephen’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, Brisbane

This organ was built by Knud Smenge of Melbourne in 2000. It is his Opus 50 and was the last major organ built by him. It has electric action with a moveable detached console. The case was designed by Robin Gibson. Robert Boughen was the consultant. This organ replaced the earlier c. 1890 William Anderson organ 3-manual organ that is now located in the Old Musuem building (former home of the Brisbane City Hall organ). Knud Smenge has built two other organs in Queensland, the Lutheran Church in Beenleigh and St Andrew’s Lutheran, Brisbane.


16' (A)      Bourdon 	  
8'           Principal 	  
8'           Hohlflute 	  
8'           Rohrflute 	   
8'           Gamba 	 	  
8' (C)       Salicional 	  
4'           Octave 	 	  
4'           Harmonic Flute 	 
4' (D)       Spitzflute 	  
2'           Octave 		  
IV-V         Mixture  
8'           Trumpet 	

SWELL (enclosed)

16' (A)      Bourdon 	 
8' (B)       Hohlflute 	  
8' (C)       Salicional 	  
8'           Voix Celeste 	  
4'           Principal 	  
4'           Spitzflute 	 
2 2/3'       Nazard 	      
2'           Waldflute 	  
1 3/5'       Terz 	      
IV           Mixture      
16'(E)       Fagot 		 
8'           Harmonic Trumpet  
8'(F)        Oboe 		 

POSITIV (enclosed)

8'           Gedackt
8' (D)       Spitzflute 	  
4'           Rohrflute 	  
2'           Principal 	  
1 1/3'       Nasat 	      
II           Sesquialtera  
8'           Clarinet 	  
8'           Fanfare Trumpet(unenclosed)

32' (G)      Untersatz	 
16' (G)      Subbas 		 
16' (H)      Principal 	 
16' (A)      Bourdon 	 
8' (A)       Bourdon 	  
8' (H)       Octave 	 	 
8'           Spitzflute 	 
4'           Choral Bass 	
IV           Mixture    
16'          Bombarde 	 
8'           Trumpet 	   
16'(E)       Fagot 		 
8' (E)       Fagot 	 	  
4' (F)       Oboe 		  


Great and Pedal Piston Coupler
Great to Pedal
Swell to Great
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Positiv
Swell Sub Octave
Swell Super Octave
Positiv to Great 
Positiv to Pedal
Positiv Sub Octave
Positiv Super Octave 


Electric Key and Stop Action


Both Swells on Swell Pedal
Invert Manuals II and I

Cone tuning
Equal Temperament

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