St. George’s Anglican Church, Tamborine

Although this instrument was first installed in 1993, it was not complete at that time.  As funds became available further prepared-for ranks were added.  The casework has been decorated by Colin Blumson, whose carvings are already seen in St. John’s Cathedral.

Chamber Organ for Dr. Peter Roennfeldt

This instrument was commissioned to satisfy a perceived need in the musical community for a portable instrument capable of supporting soloists and groups both vocal and instrumental, as well as providing a satisfactory solo in its own right.

Pipe organ in the St Stephen’s Chapel, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane

This organ uses some parts of a Fincham Chamber organ. The soundboard was cut down and all the foot-holes reworked.  New pallets, keys and action were fitted, and the pipework was rescaled and revoiced.

The new casework is made from French-polished Tasmanian Oak and the doors match the shape of Pugin’s West-end window.

Pipe Organ in Nazareth Lutheran Church, Woolloongabba

The building has been restored following a severe fire. The organ is completely new, having its pipework manufactured in our own workshop. It is based on the North German tradition with wedge bellows, suspended wooden action without felts and 90% lead pipes.

Pipe organ in All Saints’ Anglican Church, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane

The historic Lewis pipework (11 ranks) are incorporated in the new 24-rank 2-manual instrument presently being installed in the church.