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December 17, 2010
Brisbane Temple, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
December 17, 2010

Chermside Kedron Uniting Church

Chermside Kedron Uniting Church

We have now completed the installation of this fourteen-stop organ. This instrument is an amalgamation of the 8-stop 1950 Whitehouse Bros pneumatic action organ in Chermside Uniting Church and the 6-stop 1961 Whitehouse Bros electric action instrument in the Strathmore Street Uniting Church, Kedron. These two parishes now operate from the one new building in Gympie Road.

The organ utilises the console from Kedron with the showfront from Chermside. It is located at the front of the church above the vestry and shares its space with the projector unit. The showfront was split to fit the A.V. screen in between and was repainted with the original decoration preserved. This somewhat unusual arrangement works very well. When the congregation looks at the screen for the words of the hymns, the organ sound projects from the same area.

The cone-pallet soundboards were totally refurbished with new valves and polypel puffers throughout. The soundboards were joined and work through a common electric action. A new Clarabella 8′ and Fifteenth 2′ were added to the Great. A new blower was installed and a new wind system was designed that allows some flexibility in the wind. Acoustically, this was a difficult organ to voice. The modern building is full of carpet and has a large amplification system used extensively throughout the services. Annexes can be opened into the main church area to accommodate larger congregations, so the organ had to fill the building to be successful. The wind pressure was set to 4 1/2 inches w.g. to ensure a good projection of the sound and the cut-up of the chorus work was increased to allow a full rich sound without harshness. The organ has already coped with a full congregation comfortably, and yet shows much beauty in its individual stops. Most significantly, the organ is being used in conjunction with the most modern church presentation and technology and is a valuable addition to the modern church. And, yes, it does have a Pedal to Great Coupler that only couples the Pedal notes to the bottom note of any chord played on the Great. This electronic processor was developed by Lynton Gough for this organ to enable reluctant organists to use the Pedal division with the hands only.


(‘C’ = from Chermside  ‘K’ =from Kedron)
8′  Open Diapason (C)
8′  Clarabella (new)
4′  Principal (ex Kedron Open)
4′  Stopped Flute (C)
2′  Fifteenth (new)


8′  Violin Diapason (C)
8′  Salicional (K)
8′  Gedact (C)
4′  Principal (C)
4′  Flute (K)
8′  Oboe (C)
16′ Bourdon  (C)
16′ Cello    (K)
8′  Octave Flute (new)

Great Octave
Swell Super, Swell Sub
Swell to Great, Swell to Great Super, Swell to Great Sub
Great to Pedal,Swell to Pedal
Pedal to Great

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