March 30, 2011

Updated Specifications for the Brisbane City Hall Pipe Organ

   1927 Brisbane City Hall Willis I/III 5 manual and Pedals Specifications Compass of Manuals CC-C, 61 notes Compass of pedals CCC-F, 30 notes     PEDAL ORGAN (Showing borrowing) 1    32′     Double Open Bass  (A) 2    32′     Contra Violone    (B) 3    16′     Open Bass         (A)  4    16′     Contra Bass       (C) […]
December 18, 2010

All Saint’s Anglican Church, Murwillumbah

This organ was built in 1926 by C. W. Leggo of Sydney with pneumatic action in the picturesque cane town of Murwillumbah, N.S.W. This organ had been moved from the original wooden church and electrified by H. W. Jarrott.  In 1998, Simon Pierce restored the organ. Restoration consisted of removing […]
December 18, 2010

St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Lismore

This tubular-pneumatic action instrument was installed by the British Pianoforte Depot Ltd. in 1914.  The English pipework and German mechanical components remained intact until rebuilds in 1957 and the early 1960’s.  General deterioration of the instrument saw the need for a proper restoration in the 1990’s, and, with the consultant […]
December 18, 2010

St Paul’s Anglican Church, Ipswich

The J.W.Walker organ was first installed on the floor of the southern (liturgical northern) transept in 1860. It was shifted to a new gallery in the opposite transept in 1974. While the original cone-pallet chests were retained, the action was electrified, the Pedalboard enlarged, and a new Choir Organ added, […]